I do not give as the world gives

This is by far one of the most mesmerizing statements Jesus makes. I am bewildered by the fact that at the last supper Jesus looks at Judas and Peter and tells them they will betray and disown with Him but yet just a few breath’s later says “I do not give as the world gives.” Jesus knowing all of this kept coming.  He kept moving towards His goal of fulfilling the Father’s desires.  He kept moving forward for folks like Peter and Judas, to be a sacrifice even for them.  What was He thinking? They didn’t care. To be honest, if put in Peter’s situation I might have done the same thing. He was scared of death.  He was scared of what others would think. He loved Jesus, but he loved himself more.  That’s me.  I love Jesus, but there are times when I love myself so much more.

To say “I do not give as the world gives,” is so scandalous. Why would Jesus knowing these things still come.  Why would care, give, and ultimately die?

I can only conclude that He cares more deeply than I could even think or imagine. He knows something I do not, and so He offers something I cannot.  What Jesus offers is something beyond himself.  He gives only in the way He sees the Father giving. Jesus said, “I can do nothing a part from the Father.”

I want to give as Jesus gave.  Maybe this Christmas season I can be filled with what Jesus was filled with; love, compassion, generosity… I know when I give myself over to Him and allow myself to be filled with him I am different and life is full.  

If my wife, sons, family, and friends would get a small taste of this from me, maybe they would know Jesus is truly enough.  Maybe I would know Jesus was enough. My good friend Ronnie told me yesterday, the only way to real life is through the sacrifice of self, given over to Jesus.  I really think he’s on to something. Deep within me I know that to be true.

Until He Returns!


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